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Nourishing Wellness: 2024 Health & Wellness Guide

Jamie Kernen R.N., CNC and 
Sara Mehring R.N., CNC & GAPS certified.
Delafield, WI 53018
[email protected]

General Health, Maternal Health, 

We listen, identify the root cause of health concerns and show you step-by-step how to improve health with real, whole foods & proper nutritional support. We utilize tools including tissue (hair) mineral analysis, bioresonance scanning, nutritional guidance, and the training & wisdom that comes from being registered nurses.


Expertise in men’s, women’s & children’s health, infertility, prepping for baby, thyroid, hormonal, adrenal & auto-immune issues.

We spend quality time with each client to make the changes they need to reach their desires in health & wellness. We look at all aspects of health that could be hindering one from reaching their goals.

Clients can Expect:

As both R.N.s, we followed western medicine when dealing with our own personal health challenges, and it only led to more challenges, frustration & fear. We first learned about holistic options through various practitioners, and we continued to read, learn and change more and more. We are true wellness devotees that live & breathe a healthy lifestyle. We only preach what we practice in our own life & know how scary it can be to make changes, especially when it comes to food. We became R.N.s to help people, and now we finally get to help people truly live a healthier & happier life.

Updates for 2024:

We look forward to continuing to successfully serve our community of clients both locally & worldwide, and to attend more educational conferences to continually expand our knowledge and abilities to help others.