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Cindy Carlson Reiki and Energy Healing: 2024 Health & Wellness Guide

Cindy Carlson
121 E Silver Spring Dr. Ste 208, Whitefish Bay
[email protected]

Reiki, Distant Reiki, Emotion Code, Chakra Balancing

Cindy Carlson offers Reiki, distant Reiki, Emotion Code sessions, and Chakra clearing and balancing.


Cindy Carlson is a Reiki Master, certified Emotion Code practitioner and gifted energy healer who helps people release limiting patterns so they can live their dreams. Reiki supports healing on a deeper level by balancing the mind and body.

Clients can expect:

A compassionate and caring approach to Reiki and energy healing that is tailored to each individual client. Cindy offers both in-person and distant Reiki to help people anywhere to heal from anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, physical pain and many illnesses.  

“Each session is one you can trust that is focused on releasing patterns that block your dreams.”