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Kiralily Healing Shares Intuitive Gifts

Oct 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson

Kim Knutson

Kim Knutson of Kiralily Healing has always had a natural gift of intuition. After an injury forced her to retire early from her career as a dental hygienist, she sought to find a new way to continue helping people with their overall health.

After having reiki treatments and attending many holistic health fairs, Knutson “felt very drawn to this method of healing in all its different modalities. I signed up for a year-long program to discover and develop my intuitive gifts, while learning a form of energy healing,” she says.

From there, Knutson explored crystal reiki, reiki levels I and II, intuitive tarot, and a six-month clairvoyant program. She recently completed a reiki master-level attunement. Earlier this year, she formed Kiralily Healing, with Kiralily representing three of her pet’s names: her angel dog and cat Kala and Lily and current pup Iris. She offers reiki, sound healing, crystal energy healing and aromatherapy, declaring, “I feel like I am doing what my soul has really wanted me to do.”

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that promotes deep relaxation through gentle touch. A complementary therapy, reiki is frequently used to reduce stress and anxiety. Knutson explains that reiki is beneficial for whole-body, mind and spirit wellness: “It can relieve stress and anxiety, help alleviate pain, and improve your sleep. It is also beneficial at relieving symptoms of addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder, and can be very supportive to someone going through cancer or other medical treatments or therapy.”

Knutson’s services are not à la carte; rather, each session is customized using any or all of the modalities in her wellness toolbox. With each reiki session, she pulls an oracle card for the client to see what message their higher self has for them that day.

Individuals that are new to reiki and energy healing may not know what options they truly want or need, so Knutson strives to make reiki approachable for everyone. “Many people have either not heard of reiki or really don’t understand what it is, or they think it’s ‘woo-woo’. As someone with a bachelor’s in science, learning the science behind this method of healing was important to me.”

Reiki is not used to completely cure serious medical conditions, Knutson emphasizes, but it can be an effective supplement to medical care. She compares reiki’s relaxation properties to that of relaxation massage.

In addition to reiki, Knutson offers sound healing, crystal energy healing and aromatherapy. She also does short oracle and tarot readings. Her line of handcrafted wellness products includes three different scented candles made with all-natural soy, essential oils, organic herbs and crystals. “Most also have wood wicks, and all of them are infused with reiki energy,” Knutson adds.

Some of Knutson’s candles are poured into custom, reusable ceramic pieces that are made locally by More Than a Sparrow Pottery. Candles are available in limited quantities at Kiralily studio or through her online store.

Knutson offers 30- or 60-minute, in-person sessions at Kiralily Healing in Waukesha, or virtual-distance sessions. She will also be a vendor at the Holistic Healing & Wellness Fair from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., October 21, at the Waukesha Elks Lodge. She will provide reiki mini-sessions and oracle/tarot readings while also selling her candles.

Kiralily Healing is located at 821 Meadowbrook Rd., Ste. 119, Waukesha. For more information, email [email protected] 
or visit or