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New Psychiatry 2.0 Program Addresses Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health

Sep 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson

Dr. Aruna Tummala

Holistic psychiatrist Dr. Aruna Tummala, founder and medical director of Trinergy Center for Integrative Pschiatry, has introduced Psychiatry 2.0: a new holistic psychiatry program that builds off the holistic approaches used at Trinergy to address whole-person health through Ayurvedic principles.

Tummala has always questioned the common belief held in psychiatry that a chemical imbalance in the brain causes depression, anxiety, brain fog and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Seeing poor outcomes and side effects from a medication-dependent approach inspired her to research and implement solutions that address emotional-physical health. She integrates conventional medicine with Ayurveda: India’s 5,000-year-old medical system that balances the mind and body systems through diet, lifestyle medicine, natural herbs and detoxification protocols.

The premise of holistic psychiatry is that mental illness may have origins throughout the body, Tummala explains, because our organ systems interact with each other for optimal health. The Psychiatry 2.0 program is a culmination of all the years of training and clinical experience that Tummala has gathered—now brought forward as a comprehensive, results-oriented, all-inclusive program, offered with deep discounts.

“Psychiatry 2.0 is a six-month program designed to help people struggling with mental/physical illnesses to transform from illness to wellness. It includes all the components that patients require to heal, and is brought to you as an all-inclusive program with deep discounts built in,” she says.

The program looks beyond the brain to heal inflammation or imbalances elsewhere in the body that might affect mental wellness. This holistic approach includes exercise, meditation, yoga, Ayurvedic herbs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and careful use of psychiatric medication when necessary.

The Psychiatry 2.0 program is a foundational, wellness coaching approach. Tummala develops an individualized mind-body healing plan for each patient in order to help reverse mental illness symptoms. It includes individual and group sessions with Trinergy’s physician staff; $1,650 worth of recommended supplements; consultations for Ayurvedic detoxification; discounts for massages at Trinergy Ayurvedic Spa; and HBOT.

Comprehensive Services Help Promote Wellness

The Ayurvedic Spa at Trinergy offers services to get to the root causes of chronic disease. Each patient receives a consultation with a vaidya (doctor), that develops a customized treatment plan that incorporates diet and lifestyle changes, lab testing, nutritional supplements, Ayurvedic medicines, and body therapies such as massage, facials, hair and scalp therapy, and cleanses.

Tummala is also certified in HBOT through the International Hyperbaric Association USA. During an HBOT treatment, a patient steps into a pressurized chamber and breathes in concentrated oxygen, which can help stimulate stem cell growth, reduce inflammation and enhance detoxification.

For years, hyperbaric oxygen has been used to treat burns and decompression sickness. Tummala says physicians saw promising results when researching how HBOT could also treat brain injuries, strokes and autism. She says she has seen positive outcomes when using HBOT to improve autism symptoms in children and for treating dementia syndromes in the elderly.

Since opening Trinergy, Tummala has grown the practice to treat anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, autism, and child and adolescent psychiatry. She also offers telepsychiatry as well as executive and corporate mental health services to address workplace stressors.

Trinergy Center for Integrative Psychiatry is located at 12800 W. National Ave., Ste. 101, New Berlin. For more information, call 
262-228-9339 or visit or