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Healthy Tree Stewardship in the Face of Seasonal Droughts

Sep 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Patti Beres
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Trees play a vital role as guardians of Earth’s ecosystems and signal planetary conditions. Trees offer air purification and habitat for wildlife along with beneficial food, shelter and energy for humanity. Seasonal drought conditions threaten their overall well-being. Here are a few strategies to nurture healthy tree stewardship.

Assess. To preserve trees during droughts, identify signs of stress like wilting, discolored or dropping leaves, stunted growth or cracked bark. Prioritize care for vulnerable trees, especially young ones or those near paved areas. Monitor for insect and disease infestations.
Water. Efficient watering is crucial; during cooler parts of the day, schedule regular, consistent intervals using slow, deep watering techniques like drip irrigation and prevent both over- and underwatering.

Mulch. Mulch around tree bases retains moisture and prevents soil erosion, but avoid “volcano mulching”. Harvest rainwater for later use and consider providing additional organic nutrients to replenish food and energy.

Caring for trees during droughts reflects our dedication to a sustainable future. Trees are not only part of our environment but also integral to our well-being. Effective care strategies preserve the beauty and benefits of these natural wonders.
Patti Beres is the owner of Be Green Pro LLC landscape services, in Delafield, where they are committed to green property care. For more information, call 262-361-4034 or visit