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Sustainable Families—
Sustainable Future

Aug 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Sustainable living encourages enjoyable family practices and betterment of our planet. Simple commitments to environmental consciousness set examples that are easy to implement and inspire others to follow. Here are a few ideas to share.

Visit local farmers markets for a fun destination that supports local agriculture and minimizes the carbon footprint of food transportation. August brings abundant harvests and opportunities for mindful food consumption.

Prioritize organic produce and the use of reusable bags and containers. Create conversations that build imagination and inspire action for food waste reduction, packing sustainable lunches and building backyard gardens.

Composting is a simple way to turn food waste into nutrients that feed all that is green and growing. Turn a small corner of backyard space into a spot for rich compost with very little time and investment. Begin with a bin or space to pile brown matter such as cardboard, leaves and sticks. Continue to layer waste items and wait for the magic to happen! A worm hotel is another option for an odorless composting adventure. It can be started in a plastic shoe box and minimally maintained.

Participate in neighborhood events: clean-ups, community gardens, invasive species removal, and tree planting. Build new friendships and strong community roots along the way. Teaching sustainable practices in turn grows the next generation of eco-conscious individuals.
Water conservation is another vital aspect of sustainable living. Installing simple systems to harvest rainwater allows collection for use in lawns and gardens and minimizes reliance on municipal supplies. Efficient drip irrigation and mulching techniques can be utilized to ensure water is used wisely and effectively.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is a choice and commitment to preserving the Earth for future generations. Families lead the way towards a greener future with small daily life changes that make a significant impact.  Embracing sustainable practices not only creates a healthier environment, but also fosters a stronger sense of community and lasting values for generations to come.

Patti Beres is the owner of Be Green Pro LLC landscape services, in Delafield, where they are committed to green property care. For more information, call 262-361-4034 or visit