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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

August 2023 Publisher Letter

Aug 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher

“Wisdom and knowledge can best be understood together. Knowledge is learning, the power of the mind to understand and describe the universe. Wisdom is knowing how to apply knowledge and how not to apply it. Knowledge is knowing what to say; wisdom is knowing whether or not to say it. Knowledge gives answers; wisdom asks questions. Knowledge can be taught; wisdom grows from experience.” ~ Starhawk

Do you ever feel satisfaction after finishing a book, learning new facts, reading an article or studying a new subject? Do you feel gratified by honing a new hobby or sharpening a new skill set? Perhaps you feel a greater sense of worldliness from traveling, or from wisdom gained through experience.

I am a philomath, a lover of learning and studying. Anyone that has taken a personality or strength-finder test may remember this one element often assessed: one’s natural thirst to learn or gain wisdom. Many factors contribute to our happiness such as feeling safe, loved, healthy, a sense of purpose and so on. For many of us, continually growing in wisdom and knowledge adds to our sense of purpose and satisfaction in life.

On that note, we honor all those who love to learn and grow in this month’s Lifelong Learning issue. From young kids to the young at heart, we have inspiration for everyone. With our feature story, on page 20, we dive into the benefits of lifelong learning. We have back-to-School tips for all ages in our Conscious Eating article on page 28 of the print magazine. And on page 24 of the print magazine, we touch on happenings in sustainability and health on college campuses.

As our readers know, learning is also a key aspect of our mission: to EDUCATE, empower and connect. We hope that everyone who picks up a copy of Natural Awakenings this month (and every month) finds one or more nuggets of wisdom worth knowing or sharing. For anyone who loves to learn more about the ways to maximize health, happiness and satisfaction in life, Natural Awakenings is for you.

Here’s to lifelong learning,

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher