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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

July 2023 Publisher Letter

Jun 30, 2023 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek

Hello Milwaukee!

July is a vibrant time of year, with lush green trees and gardens growing, flowers in bloom, children playing during summer break and everyone enjoying the warmer weather. It feels more natural to eat ripe seasonal veggies and to be more active outdoors.

As our loyal readers well know, a huge part of our mission at Natural Awakenings is to inspire people to be healthier and happier through the understanding that everything is interconnected: our mind, body and spirit; as well as our surrounding environment, our habits, our food, and our connection to nature.

This month, we focus on Food, Farms and the Microbiome Connection with an emphasis on the connection of soil health and human health, especially in relation to our gut microbiome. Microdiversity is essential to both soil and human health, and regenerative organic farming practices help to promote biodiversity and nutrient density of the soil. Soil that is rich in nutrients and void of chemical fertilizers transforms into healthier plant growth and healthier food. Just as important, minimal processing of food is well known to improve its nutrient richness. And of course, a healthier diet and a healthier gut microbiome go hand-in-hand with our physical and mental well-being. We share great insight on this interwoven topic starting with our feature story on page 26, and, more specifically, in relation to gut health for kids on page 34 of the print magazine.

Digging in deeper, we also know how important a daily dose of nature can be for our health, and that direct contact with the soil or earth makes a difference in our health and mood. We share ideas to reconnect with nature while moving the body in the Fit Body article, “Green Exercise: Reconnecting With Nature,” on page 36 of the print magazine.

In celebration of the vibrant summer months and the colorful, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, we share some healthy eating tips and a variety of colorful recipe ideas starting on page 30.

We wish you a vibrant July, and a healthy, happy summer!

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher