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Iron Lotus®: 
A New Way to Move, Stretch, Strengthen and Find Joy, Created by Local Yoga Studio Owner in Muskego

May 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Camp Serenity Yoga and Retreat Center

Sharon Roy is the founder and owner of Camp Serenity®, a local yoga studio in Muskego, Wisconsin. After Roy suffered a debilitating injury in her foot, the lifelong athlete yearned for a way to remain active that did not include high-impact cardio training.

Roy was teaching conventional yoga at the time and decided to “pump it up” by using hand weights. Using light to medium hand weights created long, intense stretching and a degree of difficulty that was satisfying to Roy. As her mind, muscles, body and spirit improved with regular practice, the rest was history and Iron Lotus® was born. Soon after, Iron Lotus® was officially trademarked by Roy, and this new style of yoga has gained quite the loyal following.

What is Iron Lotus?

Iron Lotus® is a mindful, innovative practice to improve the body without being constrained by traditional yoga methodology. In Iron Lotus®, the stretches with hand weights are long and slow, like Yin yoga. Some traditional yoga poses are used in classes, but most are Iron Lotus® exclusives. Cardio, strength training and deep, mindful stretching result in a full body workout.

Iron Lotus® Benefits: Mental and Physical
Many of Roy’s clients, as well as herself, have medical proof of reduced stress, decreased inflammation and improved arthritic pain from this practice. Iron Lotus®’ has also been found to increase range of motion and stimulate the lymphatic system. This practice at Camp Serenity® aims to push clients to their best abilities to improve many aspects of their physical and mental health.

Other Opportunities: Paddle Board Yoga, Sand & Land Yoga, Brunches
Summers at Camp Serenity® bring varieties of different exciting and fun yoga classes, including Paddle Board Yoga and Sand & Land Yoga, which are fun and fabulous ways to improve balance. Roy also puts together wonderful Saturday Brunches, which include homemade eats and drinks. Each brunch starts with a yoga session and then a relaxing sauna soak to kick off the brunch.

Iron Lotus® is only available at Camp Serenity® which is located in Sharon Roy’s welcoming local studio on Little Muskego Lake.

Text Sharon at 262-903-8774 to book a class today. Check out her website to learn more at