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Moving From Codependency to True Connection With Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Apr 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Bethany Lato

Bethany Lato

As human beings, our souls are created for connection. This sense of connection and community is needed in order to thrive and be our most authentic selves. However, many relationships suffer from codependent patterns and tendencies, ultimately creating an unstable foundation and leading to an unfulfilled longing for connection.

When we find ourselves in a place of disconnection, we turn to anything outside of ourselves that may make us feel better, even if just for a short time. At its core, codependency occurs when two or more people join together in a relationship who are not in tune with their wholeness within themselves. These emotional and behavioral patterns stem from lack of adequate nurturing of overt or covert abuse in childhood, including physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

 In adulthood, these patterns then manifest as lack of self-esteem, abandonment fears, unhealthy boundaries, feelings of shame and guilt, and a poor sense of identity, impacting the ability to build meaningful and healthy connections with others.

Heart-centered hypnotherapy helps get to the root of the dependent patterns and behaviors, providing a safe and secure environment to revisit the earliest childhood experiences that led to disconnection. By addressing many of the symptoms and characteristics of codependency, including learned helplessness, denial of feelings, people pleasing and denial of self, we are able to heal the deepest wounds within our mind, body and soul, and begin the work of developing a deeper connection in our relationships.

Hypnotherapy involves a trained and certified hypnotherapist inducing a deep state of relaxation. This allows deeper, more focused access to certain thoughts and beliefs as reported by, a mental health news and information website maintained by mental health professionals.

Through hypnotherapy, we can heal our past wounds, shift our mindset and limiting beliefs, and create healthy patterns and habits within our lives. As we begin to feel a deeper sense of connection in relationships, we release oxytocin within our brain, leading to a greater sense of self-esteem, trust and optimism in all areas of our life.

Hypnotherapist Bethany Lato, owner of Clarity Counseling & Clinical Services, empowers women to find deeper connection to their most authentic selves, their community and their spirituality. For more information, call 414-301-3577, email [email protected] or visit