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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

March 2023 Publisher Letter

Mar 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek

Jordan Peschek, RN, Publisher

Mind.  Body.  Spirit.  Planet.  Community.

When I remember our WHY, these are some of the words I always come back to. These nouns exemplify the pillars that we stand for at Natural Awakenings. Our community of publishers and partners are providers, parents, siblings, practitioners, business owners, creators and leaders in our community. We are so honored to be part of such a nourishing and honorable network. And as a reader, so are you!

Whether you are reading this publisher letter or reading an article in these pages, surfing our social media or looking at an ad in the magazine, you will notice that it is all connected to our aligned missions and deepened purpose. A purpose to level up. A purpose to better our health, happiness, relationships, harmony with nature, and harmony in our local and global environment. The mind, body and spirit are integral to that. I also reflect upon some of the adjectives that describe HOW we look at these core values:

Natural.  Holistic.  Integrative.  Regenerative.  Sustainable.

There is an ever-expanding body of information, technology and resources at everyone’s fingertips in 2023. It can be challenging to sift through information, make informed decisions and find true connections that foster mutual growth and support. This can make it hard to act based on our values, grow our wisdom and our wellness, and make our own impactful dent in the world.

That is why I come back to our WHY and our HOW, the essence of our mission. Our mission includes three foundational actions:

Educate.  Empower.  Connect.

Through these actions, we bring our values together. We strive to EDUCATE our community on natural, holistic, integrative and regenerative wellness in all realms. We strive to EMPOWER our community—family, friends, businesses, providers—to level up and to live a healthier lifestyle on a healthier planet. We CONNECT our readers with wellness resources and events, inspiring them to lead more balanced lives.

In what ways can you take these ideas into your own life this month?

We wish you health, happiness and harmony,

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher