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Label Lifting to Unite Humanity

Dec 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Rita Casanova
In the last few decades, our world has introduced more and more societal labels that increase the separation of humanity. Most of us recognize the big labels such as those related to religion, race, politics, age, gender, education and wealth. We have created a high level of sensitivity in today’s world that often results in disconnections.  Lifting these labels can help us work toward reuniting humanity.

Labels can create feelings of separation, judgment, limits and strain. These feelings make it challenging to live in connection with our mind, body and soul. Disconnection of our body in its totality allows us to be more easily influenced by social media, family, friends, co-workers and community leaders. When we allow ourselves to be influenced, we move further away from our true identity.

Identity is a huge crisis in our world. Introvert, extrovert, left, right, millennial, Gen X or Z—the list can go on and on. We are diverse, that is certain. The key is to embrace our diversity, as well as our sameness, and to not allow labels to create more excuses, opposition or abdication of responsibility.

It is human nature to desire to belong to a group of like-minded souls or individuals who accept us for who we are. For most of us seeking our tribe, we ultimately want to be free from labels and find those who see past our exterior and into our heart. Our souls desire to be seen as the divine creators we are. Label lifting helps us to see the divinity in ourselves and others.

We are everything and nothing … all at once.

Label lifting is the process of stripping away the need of societal validation and conformity. It is choosing to be free from labels and seeing beyond limiting beliefs of self and others. It is trusting our intuition and using our inner strength and wisdom to make conscious choices in alignment of our highest good. It is understanding that we are one—knowing we are everything and nothing all at once, and living the truth that every human here on Earth is an extension of us.

Label lifting takes unconditional love and conscious action each and every day. It takes living with the intention of uniting humanity. Label lifting takes self-discovery and healing from years of living in fear, not fitting in, and not knowing who we are.

Label lifting will set us free of unnecessary stress, strain or feelings society has convinced us to take on. It will increase our connection of mind, body and soul, and keep us living in alignment of our highest path and purpose. It will bring our world together for a greater cause, ultimately uniting humanity. And when humanity is united, we can co-create the best human experiences for the world.

Rita Casanova is an Energetic Transformation Coach at Healing 4 Harmony LLC - 167 W Paradise Dr, West Bend, WI who specializes in soul level healing through the Akashic 
Records. For more information, call 608-408-6643 or email [email protected].