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Supporting the Girls A Bra that Actually Works

Nov 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Tiffany Hinton
The holiday season brings an awareness of gift giving. Women often forget about giving to themselves when focused giving to others. Tiffany Hinton, host of the Cultivating Guts podcast, reminds women everywhere, “Do not forget to make your own wish list this season to share with your family and friends. There is nothing wrong with crafting a wish list for yourself as an adult woman.  Remember the days of the Sears’ catalog and the red marker; circling the items you wanted? This year, you have permission to make a holiday wish list, too.”

One of the items to add to the top of the wish list is an Elli Bralette from Non Disclosure Apparel. Hinton sat down with Becky Connelly, Non Disclosure Apparel founder, on the Cultivating Guts podcast.  Hear the interview on Spotify or YouTube at

On her desk, Connelly has a framed photo of her 11-year-old self. She explains, “It’s an Olan Mills’ portrait and the studio lighting was perfectly illuminating my breast buds poking through my dress. I was completely mortified…” Since then, Connelly has been self-conscious about it.

“For years, I’ve dreamt of my ideal bra, a non-padded, lightweight bralette with a whisper thin, strong as hell concealer inside each cup,” she said from her home office in Charleston, South Carolina. Designed without padding, wiring and completely seamless, the patented bralette features discreet, flexible fabric that is heat-sealed into the cups, designed to completely conceal any potential nipple protuberance. Connelly added, “It’s flipping the script on the bralette as we know it, providing 100 percent coverage without padding. It’s a total game changer.”

Hinton asked Connelly “How has your business filled your soul and passion?” Connelly explained that since setting out to make a ‘concealing bralette’ a reality, she has never forgotten the advice her former life coach, “Even if the bralette never materializes, at least you will have experienced the journey.”

Luckily, Connelly heeded the advice because this entire journey, and all of its ups and downs, has truly been a gift to her. This bra, this brand, this business, is something Connelly believes in. The Elli bralette is a solution so many women and young girls are seeking, including both Connelly and Hinton’s daughters. Each day, Connelly wakes up inspired to make it better, and she tells us that she loves every minute of it.

A few other items to give yourself permission to add to your holiday wish list include a new pair of fun shoes and your favorite bottle of wine. Tiffany encourages you to make a full list of 10 items for yourself this season to share.