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Find Your Balance Massage & Wellness: Blends Massage With Latest Neuromusculoskeletal Therapies

Oct 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
Debbie Conklyn, licensed massage therapist and Yomassage instructor, says that while massage is seen by many as a luxury or just a way to relax, she views it as a way to relieve pain and make our bodies function better. Through her practice, Find Your Balance Massage & Wellness, she wants her clients to realize that pain and musculoskeletal issues aren’t just a part of aging or just something that they have to live with.

“I want clients to feel like there is something that can be done about the issues they are having,” she says. “If the first approach I use doesn’t work, we will try something else.” She highly values client feedback and believes that each person should be treated as an individual.

Conklyn offers relaxation, deep tissue, therapeutic and prenatal massage; massage cupping; kinesiology taping; and hot stone massage. As the field of massage therapy continues to evolve, more techniques are developed to help clients with musculoskeletal issues. Neuromuscular therapy (NMT) and precision neuromuscular therapy (PNMT) are specialized forms of manual therapy focused on problem-solving the client’s musculoskeletal issues with assessment and clinical reasoning. Conklyn uses NMT and will soon be certified in PNMT.

Rather than one-size-fits-all massage therapy, NMT and PNMT delve into the “why” and “where” of musculoskeletal pain and “how” a therapist should treat it. “Therapists specializing in NMT and PNMT can use those techniques to expand upon traditional massage in order to focus on where a client’s pain is located, what’s causing their pain and how they can alleviate the pain,” Conklyn explains. Because of this, athletes often seek NMT and PNMT to improve their performance.

After an NMT massage, Conklyn notes that clients report improved range of motion by 20 degrees or more. Pain or numbness in the arms and legs is eased. “Both techniques approach pain in a way that typical massage does not. They use clinical reasoning to address pain but also attempt to figure out the source of the pain, which is not always where the client feels it,” Conklyn notes.

As time progresses, Conklyn envisions more clients utilizing NMT and PNMT to treat their pain. “I hope this type of therapy is utilized more often and by more people who have pain or soft tissue concerns,” she concludes.

Find Your Balance Massage & Wellness is located at 850 Elm Grove Rd., Elm Grove. For more information, call 414-426-9697, email 
[email protected] or visit