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INVIVO Wellness: Building a Holistic Community 
Under One Roof

Oct 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
INVIVO Wellness is a multi-service clinic and wellness center. It was founded in 2002 by physical therapist Maurice Dumit, who had a goal of bringing together a variety of wellness services, healthy activities and like-minded, caring practitioners under one roof. Residents in Milwaukee and nearby areas can explore wellness solutions including physical therapy, massage therapy, personal training, mental health and wellness counseling, and chiropractic services.

INVIVO’s yoga and fitness classes are delivered by dedicated, highly trained and skilled instructors. They offer drop-ins, packages and memberships for those who want regular access to their gym, yoga, fitness or a combination of these options.

Dumit and his team of healthcare practitioners and wellness service providers offer a whole-body approach to physical therapy. Treatment plans may include hands-on manual therapies of joint and spine mobilizations and manipulations, massage and stretching techniques, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise programs and self-management recommendations. INVIVO physical therapists offer a complimentary 20-minute screening consultation to determine if physical therapy is the best option.

Meeting Today’s Wellness Demands

Dumit emphasizes that the INVIVO Wellness team is dedicated to ensuring that customers can heal, practice self-care and live healthy, active lives. “Many people’s physical and mental concerns arise from cumulative stress and unrealistic demands on their bodies. Modern approaches to health and wellness can be very clinical and compartmentalized,” he explains. “INVIVO Wellness provides people an opportunity to easily access specialists that provide educated and skilled care in a beautiful, non-judgmental and collaborative space.”

In 2006, INVIVO Wellness moved to its current location in a natural setting that overlooks the Milwaukee River: the Kiwanis Landing and the Beerline Trail in Milwaukee’s Lower East Side and Riverwest neighborhoods. “Our calming space provides an urban retreat from the physical and mental demands of modern life,” Dumit says. “People often say they feel better and welcomed the moment they walk into our center.”

Dumit notes that Milwaukee has a rich wellness culture full of very dedicated, inspired and skilled practitioners. “It takes a village to help a city and community realize healthier standards of wellness.” INVIVO Wellness takes pride in providing multiple and complementary services all under one roof, allowing its practitioners to communicate across disciplines and provide a continuum of care for their customers that is more effective and rewarding. Their large referral network offers solutions for clients beyond the walls of INVIVO Wellness.

Community health and wellness is a continuously evolving and changing landscape, made even more complex by the recent challenges of COVID-19, observes Dumit. “At INVIVO Wellness, we are finely attuned to these changes. We have seen a greater demand and need for self-care, and we are excellently positioned to help people access those services. Our services and treatments make a positive impact to a person’s quality of life.”

INVIVO Wellness is located at 2060 N. Humboldt Ave., Ste. 300 (third floor), Milwaukee. For more information, call 
414-265-5606 or visit

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.