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Boost Your Memory

Sep 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By LaDonna Gladney
These days, it seems almost normal to forget what you were doing just five minutes ago. As we age, we sometimes forget the little things, but there is a way that we can improve our memory. Physical activity and other lifestyle changes can increase longevity and youthfulness, but what may be surprising to hear is that what you put on your plate can affect your brain health—including mental clarity, focus, cognition, mood, memory and more.

Research by Nature Reviews Neuroscience published on PubMed Central in 2010 has shown that certain nutrients can boost memory and prevent or delay dementia. Evidence has shown that the Mediterranean diet is not just great for heart health, but it can also boost your brain health. Some of the foods included in this diet are fish, nuts, seeds, chicken, coconut oil, olive oil, leafy greens and citrus fruit. The nutrients choline, omega-3 (DHA), curcumin, saturated fats, flavonoids, vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin E, vitamin C, and the minerals calcium, zinc, selenium, copper and iron are great for improving memory.

Physical exercise is another important ingredient for preserving your memory and improving your overall health. Remember, exercise does not have to be hard work, it can be fun. Some fun activities you can add to your lifestyle include bike riding, walking with a friend, jogging with the dog, roller skating, playing volleyball, playing kick ball with the kiddos, enjoying a game of golf and anything that gets you up and moving. Many of these can do double duty, allowing you to make precious memories with your friends and loved ones while improving your health and memory.

LaDonna Gladney, NDTR, CPT, and the owner of Donna Fit 4 Life LLC is a registered nutrition and dietetic technician, as well as a certified fitness trainer. Born and raised in Milwaukee, her passion is to help the community become healthy through nutrition and fitness. For more information or to pick up a Mediterranean meal plan, visit or email [email protected]. To read the article sourced, visit