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Sleep, Eat and Breathe Better with This Natural Therapy Solution

Aug 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Nearly 5 to 11 percent of all people are born with tongue-tie, according to Tongue-tie—abnormal tongue, lip and jaw issues, as well as other orofacial myofunctional disorders—can have an impact on sleep, swallowing and speech development.

Tongue issues can start as soon as infancy and impact a baby’s ability to suction, swallow and breathe. Some of these initial habits, if not caught early, transition to adulthood and are typically treated with invasive methods.

The posture and resting position of a tongue matters, and can affect the entire body in small or big ways, even if there are no apparent signs right away.

For individuals with tongue issues, healthier breathing, eating, sleeping and living are again possible using a simple, natural and effective solution known as myofunctional therapy. Myofunctional therapy focuses on retraining the tongue using minimally invasive exercises to strengthen the mouth, tongue, neck and more.

In other circumstances, a surgical release of the tongue might be medically necessary, through a frenectomy or frenuloplasty, in order for myofunctional therapy to be successful and drive long-term results.

It is possible to conquer tongue issues, improve posture and transform poor oral habits and facial function in a natural and healthy way.

Dr. Meggie Graham is the owner of Untethered Airway Health and Toungue Tie Center located at 2524 E. Webster Pl., Ste. 201A, Milwaukee. For more information on myofunctional therapy and other tongue-related solutions, call 414-935-8460 or visit