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Using Crystals 
and Stones for 

Aug 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
Since ancient times, human cultures have been passionate about crystals and stones, using them for healing and spirituality. Their mystique continues to allure not just those in the metaphysical and New Age realms, but all walks of life.

“Healing crystals and stones are a wonderful tool to help assist you in times of need,” says Tammi Kapitanski of Remedy Within Massage Therapy & Spiritual Gifts. “They are gentle, yet powerful at the same time. Whether you need a boost of confidence, support for a broken heart or a little extra luck or relaxation, healing crystals can be a non-invasive remedy towards healing.”

Kapitanski explains that everything emits energy and has its own frequency and vibration. Crystals interact with the body’s energy fields when our body picks up on their subtle vibrations. When humans can feel someone else’s mood, or vibe, positive or negative, the same holds true for crystals. “Our body begins to feel their energy when we hold them or when they are close to us.”

People generally seek healing crystals or stones to address a specific problem or concern, such as anxiety, mental clarity, manifesting abundance, direction, fertility and illness. Kapitanski observes that social media also influences what people are seeking. “Right now, the most sought after crystal is Moldavite. It is a meteor that hit the earth millions of years ago in what is now known as the Moldau River Valley in the Czech Republic.” A highly spiritual and energetic crystal, it is desired to achieve transformation and personal growth, helping people become “unstuck.”

Kapitanski observes that rose quartz and amethyst are two very well-known and popular crystals. “Rose quartz helps soothe and heal your emotions, like a soft hug from your grandmother, while amethyst is great for anxiety, protection and calming effects.”

There are lots of choices when selecting crystals for self-empowerment. Kapitanski also suggests citrine for confidence and abundance, tangerine quartz to bring joy, malachite for pain, golden healer, known for master healing, and copper to provide energy, increased movement.

Sometimes crystals choose the user, rather than the other way around. “My best advice is to stop in the shop and see what crystal you’re drawn to. When you read about its healing properties, you’ll understand why that crystal called you.”

More Local Resources for Crystals and Stones

For those seeking crystals and stones, there are several resources within the Greater Milwaukee area. A Wonderland, in West Bend, is a gift shop in Washington County. Owner Alice Arbreit has created jewelry, artwork and crafts for 16 years. Free Spirit Crystals, in Butler, offers an array of different healing stones and crystals, along with incense, candles, sage and oils. Owner Diane Bloom, along with the other practitioners at Free Spirit Crystals, help guide people toward which properties to look for when choosing their own personal stones. While Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts offers stones and crystals, along with metaphysical accessories, the retail component supports classes such as chakra balancing, ancestral healing, mediumship and sound healing. Opened in 2006 by founder Sheri Bauer, Angel Light strives to support spiritual consciousness.

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