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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

August 2022 Publisher Letter

Aug 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek
Jordan Peschek

Publisher Jordan Peschek


Has anyone told you that today? More importantly, have you told yourself that today? If not, here is your reminder!

The August issue of Natural Awakenings is here to remind us that both power and peace come from within. We cannot rely on others for that. However, we can certainly embrace connections with people and places who support us along this path.

In honor of our self-empowerment theme, this issue is filled with ideas to incorporate into our lives—as well as our kids’ lives and our pets’ lives—in order to feel our BEST.

When was the last time you treated yourself to a massage and felt incredibly relaxed? Unrolled the yoga mat and enjoyed a deep stretch—mentally and physically? Tried acupuncture and felt more at ease? Had a chiropractor adjust your spine and felt all-around better? Checked in at the dentist and enjoyed the clean-mouth feeling afterward? We often overlook these tasks, though they can be powerful actions toward self-care and enjoyable parts of our lifestyle! The trick is to incorporate them into our routine so that, instead of feeling burdened by another item on our to-do list, we look forward to them on a regular basis. Curious as to how to get started? Read on.

Empowering insights are offered by our local health-and-wellness leaders in our News Briefs and Health Brief (p. 9 and 10 in print), as well as in our Spotlight articles on Jack Cincotta (p. 14 in print), East Side Pilates (p. 15 in print), several area crystal shops (p. 16 in print) and Plumeria Acupuncture (p. 17 in print).

To discover additional inspiration for body, mind, spirit and community, check out our tips for a silent nature hike (p. 18 in print) and ideas for a planet-friendly picnic (p. 33 in print), both of which will help you enjoy the nourishing outdoors, and read about eight essential oils that ease anxiety naturally (p. 30 in print). For empowering our offspring, learn the best ways to boost kiddos’ self-confidence (p. 20 in print). Finally, because we love our furry friends, too, we offer five tips for preventing dog dementia (p. 35 in print).

We wish you an empowering August. Let’s be our best selves and spread that high vibe!

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher