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Maisha92 Sea Moss Organic Superfood

A December 2021 article posted on the Cleveland Clinic’s informational library announces that sea moss, a spiny sea algae, may be the next big superfood. Research is ongoing, but sea moss, with its high-fiber content, may improve blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol, and the plant also is a good source of iodine, supports gut health and may boost immunity.

Maisha92 Sea Moss is wild-harvested in St. Lucia. Their purple and gold variety contains 92 of the 102 minerals that comprise the body. This dose of high minerals contains anti-inflammatory properties which can nourish the skin, boost immunity and aid in healthy weight management.

“Our mission at Maisha92 Seamoss is to provide our community with organic and natural supplements to integrate into your health and wellness journey,” says Maisha92 founders Angela and James Braggs.

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