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Moreno Therapy 
Uses Multifaceted Approach Toward Counseling

Jul 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
Psychology Today describes hypnotherapy as “guided hypnosis, or a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist.” Similar to being completely absorbed in a book, music or one’s own thoughts, those under hypnosis can tap resources within to make positive changes in life.

Licensed professional counselor Claudia Moreno of Moreno Therapy believes in merging traditional and non-traditional practices into her counseling services. With a focus on psychological processes and spiritual methods that support mind, body and emotional needs, Moreno develops a personalized treatment plan for each client.

Hypnotherapy is used as an easy way to address clients’ concerns, she explains. “I use a guided, relaxing process that easily accesses the subconscious mind, which provides a better understanding of the repetitive patterns, challenges and issues each client is facing.”

Past life regression is a form of hypnotherapy, Moreno notes. It’s a powerful experience that can strengthen one’s understanding of life by providing insights to previous memories from another lifetime. “This provides one with an opportunity to help release emotional conflicts, relationship problems, physical ailments and soul retrieval,” she says.

Moreno combines traditional talk therapy with subconscious work including hypnotherapy; art and the creative process; and sensory stimulation. “This type of work allows for identifying obstacles and implementing changes. In this type of process, you can develop your connection to your intuitive channel and provide for stronger insight and spiritual alliance.”

With a variety of therapeutic practices, Moreno has multiple different methods that help her clients recover from trauma, depression, anxiety, somatic discomforts and relationship problems. These approaches can also aid in spiritual development.

Moreno has a bachelor’s degree in education from Northeastern Illinois University and a Master of Science in counseling from the University of Nebraska. “I believe in a therapeutic relationship that is built on trust and compassion. An openness to gain new insights into oneself is the foundation for working together,” she says. “I strive to create an emotionally safe and warm environment of promoting trust in the healing process.”

Moreno is bilingual, as she speaks English and Spanish. Moreno Therapy will participate in the Wellness Metaphysical Fair, in New Berlin, on October 9, and the Mystical Gathering at the Horse Power Healing Center, in Eagle, in October.

Moreno offers free consultations. Insurance reimbursement may be available for services. Moreno Therapy is located at 250 W. Broadway, Waukesha. For more information or to make an appointment, call 262-278-0229 or visit