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Staying Connected Through Distant Reiki and Energy Healing

May 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Cindy Carlson

In an effort to serve people during the ongoing pandemic, energy healer Cindy Carlson of Cindy Carlson Reiki and Energy Healing offers both in-person and distant reiki sessions, as well as group distant reiki sessions and Emotion Code sessions in person or by phone.

“Energy healing can help us become more conscious of limiting patterns, and help us shift and clear them,” says Carlson. “These patterns can be very old and sometimes even inherited. Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique that helps relax the body so old energies can surface and release.”

Emotion Code, another form of energy healing, can help illuminate blind spots—or stuck emotions—in our energy fields, helping us to move forward and achieve desired changes. Both reiki and Emotion Code are relaxing, gentle and non-invasive. Carlson is a reiki master, intuitive healer and a certified Emotion Code practitioner with a degree in psychology from University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Location: 121 E. Silver Spring Dr., Ste. 208, Whitefish Bay. For more information, call 414-758-0657, email [email protected] or visit