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The Green Team: Natural Lawn Care and More

Apr 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
Since 2006, landscaper Bradley Blaeser has grown The Green Team from a home business to an innovative landscaping firm. The company is dedicated to reducing energy as well as lessening chemical and water usage while serving residential, commercial and municipal clients.

With the continued trend toward work-from-home positions, combined with a desire to enjoy outdoor spaces as much as possible during Wisconsin’s short summers, The Green Team sees more demand for beautifying yards, says business manager Matt Astbury. Because yards often include lawns, The Green Team offers lawn care techniques that work with nature—not against it.


“Our Natural Lawn Care program uses compost tea and a custom, all-natural granular fertilizer in place of the synthetic fertilizers used by most landscaping companies,” Astbury explains. “The program includes a natural weed control product that has the lowest caution rating applicable to an herbicide.”

Another service, core aeration, opens air passages in the root zone, allowing lawn roots to spread more densely throughout the soil. This helps create a thicker, plusher lawn. The technique also improves water infiltration, reducing stormwater runoff.

The Milwaukee area experienced a remarkably hot summer last year. Because most lawns in southern Wisconsin consist of cool-season grasses, they grow slowly or go dormant during temperatures above 70° F, and particularly during periods of drought. The Green Team’s summer stress reducer of compost tea, soluble sea kelp and humic acid helps keep lawns nourished during hot spells.

Astbury says The Green Team constantly strives to be a leader in “green” landscaping in Southeastern Wisconsin. Each year, they continue to replace more chemical weed killer with horticultural vinegar. They have LED lighting in their offices and strive to use electric equipment whenever possible. For 2022, The Green Team plans to use more biodiesel fuel in their trucks and will purchase more electric equipment.

The Green Team also puts people first. Their employee benefits include paid vacation; free chiropractic care; a retirement plan with company match; a health insurance stipend and assistance navigating the health insurance market; regular team events and activities; and team visits to great local spaces.

The Green Team is located in Milwaukee. For more information, call 414-721-1431 or visit