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Enter Into My Rest Aims to Help Youth Discover Meaning and Purpose

Mar 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Author John Fuhler’s book Enter Into My Rest strives to help young people find hope in an increasingly uncertain world. “Nearly every single one of us has gone through a deep struggle in life, or we know someone who has,” says Fuhler. “With the high prevalence of mental health issues, it is crucial to both find and offer support, and to remember that we are not alone.”

“If someone you know expresses suicidal thoughts, take it seriously,” Fuhler states. “More than once in my life I’ve had to ‘talk down’ people who have reached out to me. At times like these, we are all qualified. As long as we have a hand, and a voice, and a modicum of compassion, we are qualified to step in at least long enough until professionals can be brought in. Please, please, please speak up. You and a lot of other people will be glad you did.”

Enter Into My Rest is the collaborative effort of Kira Henschel of HenschelHAUS Publishing, Inc.; Lori Dobberstein, a freelance artist; and Fuhler. The book is structured according to ancient Kabbalistic wisdom about a soul’s journey to wholeness. The wisdom is conveyed in Fuhler’s experiences of the supernatural, both miraculous and prophetic.

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