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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Restore Health and Wellness

Jan 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Dr. Jennie Draper
21415 W Greenfield Ave, New Berlin
[email protected]

Dr. Jennie Draper, owner of Restore Health and Wellness, is a pharmacist and functional medicine practitioner. The functional medicine approach focuses on finding and addressing the root of the problem. Instead of trying to cover up the health issue by adding another medication, we will determine the root cause and develop a customized plan to optimal wellness.

Services Offered: Dr. Jennie offers a wide variety of services including food sensitivity testing and gut healing protocols, hormone testing and balancing, stool testing, organic acid testing, supplement recommendations including consultations on nutrition coaching, weight loss, CBD, and drug-induced nutrient depletions from taking pharmaceuticals or prescription medications.

Areas of Specialty: Hormone testing and balancing, GI testing and gut healing protocols, nutrition and CBD.

Philosophy: Dr. Jennie Draper is a Functional Medicine Practitioner, entrepreneur, wife and mother of three. As a clinical pharmacist, she had over 13 years of experience in various pharmacy settings including retail, independent, compounding and medication therapy management. Dr. Jennie has been in pharmacy all her life as both of her parents are pharmacists and owned an independent pharmacy. Patient care and helping people feel better is her true calling. She brings her diverse experience to each deep dive into her patients’ needs and overall wellness.