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August 2021 Letter from Editor: Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Jul 30, 2021 08:30AM ● By Barbara Bolduc
Summer! As the hottest month of the year, August epitomizes summer. Days spent boating, swimming, camping or hiking; beautiful soft evenings; festivals, markets and concerts; picnics and cook-outs ... and of course, preparing to send the kids back to school. Our issue for August focuses on health—physical, mental and emotional—for kids as well as adults, with a leaning towards the transition from summer vacation to fall and school.

For some simple wellness tips on keeping your brood healthy as we get back to basics, check out our Healthy Kids article, “Back-to-School Wellness,” on page 22. Tips for keeping their immunity strong can be found in the article “Boosting Immunity for Back-to-School Health,” on page 26; and since we can’t forget our canine fur babies, immune health for dogs is discussed in “Power Up Fido,” on page 32. Our story “Discover the Magic of Magnesium,” on page 17, reveals the many health benefits of the essential nutrient magnesium—insufficient in the diets of many Americans—and how to get more of it.

This year, getting ready for a new school year has added dimensions. Our children have gone through a uniquely challenging time in 2020—one the world will never forget. Unlike adults, kids haven’t yet fully developed their coping skills, and may feel some stress over returning to school. Our story “Taking the Stress Out of Going Back to School,” on page 25, addresses the psychological side of pandemic recovery for kids.

Speaking of reducing stress, “Think Yourself Happy,” on page 12, provides insights into happiness from the perspective of brain plasticity, a scientific term referring to the fact that brain neurons have a similarity to muscle tissue in that they are strengthened or weakened based on how often they are used (i.e., what thoughts we think repetitively). Early adopters of this science have learned that we can train ourselves to stay in the more positive realms of thought, and we provide some tips on how to do just that. Keeping with the theme of emotional health, our Healing Ways article “Unleash Your True Potential,” on page 28, sheds light on life coaching, and how the process can help you achieve goals and open up unrealized potential.

As we all know, exercise is an important component of staying healthy and being fit. Summer is a great time to take advantage of the nice weather and incorporate some water sports into your routine. For some inspiration on getting your feet wet, check out our Fit Body article on page 30, “Water Sports for a Total Body Workout.”

Summer is growing season, so no end-of-summer issue would be complete without an article on gardening. Check out “Preserving the Harvest,” on page 18, for information on preserving your bounty, with a couple of recipes thrown in.

Summer is typically seen as the season of fun, but fun is hard to have if you are ill or stressed. We hope that our August issue can assist you with staying healthy—body, mind and spirit—so that you can get the most out of the end of summer. Enjoy!
Barbara Bolduc, Editor for Natural Awakenings Milwaukee