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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

New Energy Healer Opens in Milwaukee Area

Liset Vazquez

Certified Emotion Code practitioner Liset Vazquez launched LV Energy Healing in March 2020 and is now seeing clients in person for energy healing sessions. Each session costs $100 and includes energy healing work, spiritual guidance and messages from the beyond.

The Emotion Code is a gentle, non-invasive, energy healing technique designed to help users identify and release trapped emotions, which Vazquez explains are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. “Trapped emotions may cause feelings of depression and anxiety, and may also block people from love and happiness,” she explains. “In addition, it can make people feel disconnected from others.”

After spending 15 years in corporate America, Vazquez decided to leave that role to commit full-time to energy work within the Milwaukee community. Vazquez has benefited over the past seven years as a client of the Emotion Code, and has experienced the peace that is felt when releasing emotional trauma that causes physical and mental pain. She strives to help her clients move past energetic trauma so that they can live their best lives and create a new reality for themselves.

Location: 5152 S. 18th St., Milwaukee. For more information, call 262-977-3444, email [email protected] or visit