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Amy’s Acre Community Supported Agriculture Program

Amy's Acre, LLC, is a woman-owned farm in Caledonia that grows a variety of produce with organic methods. The farm is currently taking subscriptions for their 2021 community supported agriculture (CSA) program. Through a farm CSA program, a certain number of “shares” are made available to local consumers. Interested consumers purchase a share (also known as a “subscription”). In return, they receive a box or bag of seasonal produce weekly throughout the growing season.

Farm CSA programs help provide upfront financial support directly to local farmers while allowing consumers and farmers to develop direct relationships. Consumers get fresh, locally grown food all season long. Amy Wallner, owner of Amy’s Acre, grows a wide variety of produce including greens such as arugula, rainbow chard, kale and baby beet greens; squash; herbs; heirloom tomatoes; peppers; alliums; potatoes; celery; carrots; and more.

Wallner uses organic inputs on the farm for crop nutrition and pest control. She chooses seed varieties from companies that support sustainable and organic farming practices through research, farmer/breeder collaborations and competitive pricing. Fertilizers are chosen in an effort to balance annual crop requirements and to encourage long-term soil health. Wallner has been farming since 2014 and sells produce at the Fox Point and Shorewood farmers’ markets, as well as at her farm stand in Caledonia.

For more information and pricing, call 414-323-2210 or visit