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Light Therapy, Healing and the Power of Love

Mar 31, 2021 08:30AM ● By Peig Myota
This article describes the benefits of integrating light therapy, loving intention and soul-centered mentoring to achieve cellular DNA healing and awakened consciousness. The science of light energy consciousness reveals the universal principle that all life is created by the Source of light energy consciousness. Source Consciousness incorporates light energy information. The science and art of Cosolargy reveals that light energy information comes to the Earth from the sun. Sunlight can be directly accessed for healing and expanding consciousness.

There is a cosmic solar pattern for how higher frequency light energy consciousness infuses bio-photonic light receptors within the cells of the body. It incorporates a specific mathematical formula that includes a communication process for how the 64 coded spiritual “junk” DNA language interlinks with a 64 multiple-coded language within cellular DNA. This encoded cosmic solar light energy is absorbed by the body through visual optic and non-visual pathways that infuse the skeletal, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory and chakra/meridian systems.

Spiritual “junk” DNA and cellular DNA light codes are manifestations of a universal principle that incorporates a phylogenetic-coded language for the creation of biologic life, the formula for DNA healing, and expanding consciousness. This coded language can be communicated with using thought intention and spoken language. Cosmic solar light energy interlinks an invisible greater field of morphogenetic light energy information that integrates spiritual DNA with visible cellular DNA. Physical DNA incorporates non-visible and visible resonances of light energy information.

DNA function is determined by information outside of DNA itself through a process of remote information exchange. Cellular DNA functions like a “quantum energy receptor” that can decode the language contained within a greater field of light energy consciousness. Remote spiritual and physical DNA cells are able to communicate with and respond to human thoughts, feelings and spoken language.

Integrated spiritual “junk” DNA and cellular DNA exchange information within a non-local field of invisible information through an interface function described as “nuclear spin resonance” or torque energy. The energy resonance of Infinite Love is contained within the spinning torque energy represented by the integrated spiritual and physical DNA double -helix structure. It is the frequency of love, contained within the intelligent design of light energy consciousness, that forms the basis for the creation of all life and the coded language for cellular DNA healing. Body, mind and soul healing cannot be achieved without accessing the power of Infinite Love.

When light energy is freely flowing and unblocked within the energy consciousness system of the body, we are healthy. When light energy is blocked, we experience disease. Light energy therapy releases blocked energy and opens communication channels that assist cellular DNA healing. According to Peter Mandel, Colorpuncture originator, “Light is present in the communication between the cells of the body; illness occurs when cells can no longer speak the language.” Infusing light energy into the body has a resonant effect, bringing cells into the same language again and supporting the body’s natural healing ability.

When light is directed into the body it allows blocked energy to emerge in a safe and gentle manner. When soul-centered mentoring is integrated with light therapy, the awareness of unconscious negative emotions and memories are brought to one’s conscious awareness, allowing resolution and profound healing. Light therapy has a unique capacity to activate and release subconscious information, while opening communication with one’s spiritual consciousness.

An additional benefit of light therapy is its ability to assist clients to acclimate to accelerated incoming cosmic solar energies designed to help humanity achieve rapidly awakening consciousness. The multiple benefits of integrating light therapy, loving intention and soul-centered mentoring confirms the reality that light is “the Living Love” encoded within our heart and soul that assists the body’s natural process of healing and awakening. Cosmic solar intelligence designed the human body to achieve healing and enlightened consciousness through a communication process with light energy information. Accessing the power of Infinite Love activates that process.

Peig Myota, BSN, MSW, OM, is the author of The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness: A Protocol for Mind, Body, Soul Healing. Contact her at [email protected], or learn more at