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Letter from Publisher

Mar 31, 2021 08:30AM ● By Jordan Peschek

Jordan Peschek, Publisher

To restore our health is to restore health to our ecosystem and Mother Earth, for the two are inextricably linked. ~Paul Chek

Our personal health is inseparable from the health of the planet. As such, the present condition of the human race reflects our management of the Earth. The more we nourish ourselves—physically, mentally, spiritually—the more we also contribute to healing the planet. When we are our best selves, we are more conscious of how we treat the people and world around us. The more we work on our emotional and mental health, the more efficient and effective we are at our jobs, the better we work together, the healthier and kinder our intimate relationships, the more divorce and abuse lessen, jail and hospitalization rates decrease, and so on.

The more we stock our fridge with local, organic foods, the better we nourish ourselves with quality food while supporting farmers who use sustainable growing practices, promote soil health and avoid the use of harmful pesticides that end up in the air and water. By creating a healthy home environment, we create a space where we can be our best selves. A peaceful living space creates peace of mind, while cleaning our homes with natural options rather than toxic chemicals like ammonia and bleach keeps our lungs clean along with the air and water. When we go for a run and pick up some trash along the way, we feel good about doing an act of kindness while helping clean our environment. When we take our kids outside to plant trees, the physical exertion and connection to nature fosters mental and physical health, all while promoting carbon sequestration, cleaner air, shade and green space. Not to mention, tree climbing allows children and adults alike to embrace the natural playground in our own backyard, park or forest.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, it can be the most enjoyable way of life.

This month, in celebration of Earth Day, we dive deep in our feature article on climate change and its relationship to human health. We offer tips to detoxify the home in our Green Living department, and we shed light on how to foster the intrinsic desire of children to play outside in our Healthy Kids section. What better time to do so now that spring is on its way? Take a look at our advertisers as well: you will find resources that can help you on your eco-friendly health journey, including green gardening and home landscaping services, biological dentists, compost resources, natural supplements grown in Wisconsin, CBD products to promote holistic health, a home cleaning company that uses natural products, and much more.

Happy Earth Day!

Jordan Peschek, RN