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Free Spirit Crystals: Continues to Inspire Self-Discovery

Jan 29, 2021 08:30AM ● By Sheila Julson

Diane Bloom

Upon reopening Free Spirit Crystals this past May after the pandemic shutdown, Diane Bloom was initially surprised by a surge in business, specifically new customers, seeking healing stones, incense, candles, sage and oils. But she understands the demand—as one that has used healing stones for 30 years, she’s aware of how they can bring healing and positivity to one’s life. “This event has really moved people toward wanting to look at their lives and make a shift,” she affirms. “Now more than ever, people are looking for different possibilities for themselves.”

Bloom explains that every stone has an energy that matches places throughout the body to help restore natural health. “Scientifically, everything in the universe has movement and special vibrations based on their molecular structure. Thus, a stone with a vibration that matches that of a certain body part can help restore its natural rhythm and vitality.”

This ancient energy is what civilizations used before modern medicine, Bloom states. “Of all the minerals, quartz crystal has the closest vibration to that of the human body, making it a valuable tool in aligning the body’s energy to restore health. Healing is also about more than working with the physical body; it’s about emotions, spirituality and our mental state. The energy and consciousness of the stones assist us in becoming aware of the genesis of where and what we need to heal on a holistic level.”

With more than 100 different healing stones available, Bloom and other practitioners at Free Spirit Crystals guide people as to which properties to look for when choosing their personal stones. One factor is the hardness of the stone. Harder stones penetrate more energy into the body than softer stones, which extract energy. Also, differently colored stones match with various chakras throughout the body, helping to align and center our energy.