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Be Reiki Offering Online Crystal Reiki Training

Rhiana Tehan of Be Reiki with Rhiana is offering an online home study course, Crystal Reiki, at

Students can learn each level of the course at their own pace. “Given that most group settings and classes are closed, this is a safe way to complement your reiki practice with crystals and learn more about energy healing in this modality,” says Tehan.

The courses are designed for reiki and crystal lovers that want to incorporate crystals and symbols into their energy work. Participants will learn the sacred symbols, techniques and attunement to crystalline energies that will enhance their current reiki practice, respective of all lineages.

The prerequisite for this course is Level 1 reiki. Tehan explains that there are four levels within the lineage—Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher. Levels 1, 2 and 3 each have five healing symbols and an attunement (done in real time). Students will receive online video instruction as an aid to work through the training, as well as workbooks and slideshows. These courses cover techniques in how to use crystals in energy work, breathwork, crystal layouts and energetic techniques. Students can achieve certification, and upon completion they will be able to teach Crystal Reiki to others.
Cost: $111 per class for levels 1 through 3; $150 for Master Teacher. For more information, call 262-498-4162 or visit