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Boost Immunity for the New Year Through Virtual Detoxification Workshop

Alcohol and overindulgence on seasonal sweets and treats adds toxic burden to our organs of elimination. To help kick off a healthy new year, Naturopathic Doctor Sarah Axtell, founder of Lakeside Natural Medicine, will lead a virtual detoxification workshop from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., January 9.

The workshop is designed to help participants support immunity, decrease inflammation and support the most important organs of elimination and detoxification. Ridding the body of toxins stored in organs and tissues can result in increased energy, weight loss, radiant skin, improved digestion and a more balanced mood. This detoxification program is a gentle, non-fasting approach that includes a live nutrition lecture; slides and handouts; cooking demos and recipes; and an Ask the Dr: Live Q&A with Dr. Axtell.

“There’s no doubt that we live in a toxic environment. Chemicals are found in household cleaners, pesticides, tap water, car exhaust fumes, pharmaceuticals, beauty products and cigarette smoke. This places an incredible burden on our bodies, especially the liver and kidneys, our main organs of detoxification,” Axtell explains. “Given the state of our world today, everyone can benefit from a detoxification, at least once a year.”

Cost: $39 per participant. For more information or to register, call 414-939-8748 or email [email protected]