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Latino Arts, Inc. Virtual Workshops Keep Children Engaged During Pandemic

The free, ongoing, virtual cultural arts lessons and gallery workshops offered by Latino Arts, Inc. help educate students and groups in an interactive, accessible way. Through a variety of mediums and easy-to-find household items, parents, educators and students can join Latino Arts Managing Artistic Director Jacobo Lovo as he shares unique and simple art tutorials that cover a wide range of unique cultural artistic mediums. Kids will learn how to do the project on their own during a discussion about the cultural and artistic context behind the tutorial. Students can share the finished product with the class via an online class segment.

Latino Arts, Inc. is a nonprofit  dedicated to bringing cultural awareness, artistic educational experiences and high-quality programming to the greater Milwaukee community, featuring Hispanic artists from throughout the world. Latino Arts leases its facilities from the United Community Center in the heart of Milwaukee’s south side, a vibrant neighborhood that is home to many of the metropolitan area’s nearly 100,000 Hispanic residents.

Location: 1028 S. 9th St., Milwaukee. For more information, call 414-384-3100 or visit