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Letter from Publisher

Overnight, it seems as though life as we knew it has been turned on its head. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world with a different kind of storm—not by quakes, deadly waves, flooding, drought or wind, but instead by a silent destroyer. This novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc on our physical and mental health, the economy and the environment.

But humans are resilient, and that strength is evidenced in the creative adaptivity we’re seeing during these unusual times. Local artists are taking to social media to perform music via video recordings from their living rooms. Photographers are capturing images of people from their windows and porches, looking hopeful for light at the end of the tunnel. Writers are diligently documenting history in the making. Area businesses affected by the Safer at Home order have retooled: a local diner quickly pivoted to a grocery store to provide needed items to their community, and a Milwaukee craft distillery adapted to make disinfectant and hand sanitizer for care facilities and municipal police departments. Those that have some scrap fabric available and are handy with a sewing machine have churned out protective masks for their families, friends and anyone else in need.

The saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is being put to the ultimate test, and people are rising to the challenge. The World War II era brought us victory gardens, and as Wisconsin unthaws from another long winter, people are finding comfort and solace in gardening, planting vegetables for sustenance and flowers for beauty. Experimenting with cooking and baking provides nourishment while bringing families together with a common objective—putting a meal on the table. Parents that have suddenly found themselves in a dual role as parents and educators have become creative, turning scavenger hunts, nature walks and art projects into learning experiences. Many Milwaukee-area attractions have put their best faces forward for virtual versions of their offerings; check out for a list of area attractions you can visit from home.

If we stand together and stay strong, we will get through this. Natural Awakenings, along with our advertisers, offers practical advice to boost physical and mental health. I raise a glass of lemonade to each and every one of you.

To your health!
Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher
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