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Local Practitioner Receives Ayurvedic Certification

Jamie Durner, owner of Ayurveda Wellness, recently completed a 20-year, 2,500-hour professional training journey, including 750 hours in Ayurveda, to best support individuals in finding pain relief from chronic conditions and to live in optimal health. A wellness educator and practitioner, Durner completed Kanyakumari’s Clinical Ayurveda training program, in Glendale, Wisconsin, to become a certified ayurvedic practitioner (CAP), the highest U.S. standard set by the National Ayurveda Medical Association (NAMA).

No matter what type of pain individuals suffer, it prevents them from enjoying the activities they love and drains their time, money and energy. Durner offers natural, non-invasive solutions to different types of pain—physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Treatments are tailored to the unique needs of the individual and include professional assessment, personalized herbal formulas, dietary guidelines, easy-to-integrate lifestyle changes, educational information, coaching and hands-on therapies.

According to ayurvedic philosophy, everyday choices either create wellness or create imbalance, which leads to pain, illness and disease. What serves the individual each day depends upon their personal biochemistry and external factors in life, such as weather, environmental conditions, stressors, diet, and lifestyle activities.


Location: 2331 Silvernail Rd., Pewaukee 53072. For more information, call 262-389-5835, email [email protected] or visit

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