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Detoxification and Its Role in Fertility

Jan 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Becca Thomas
Unfortunately, the world is full of toxins. From chemicals in the air to chemicals sprayed on food, the body is more overwhelmed with toxins today than it has been at any other time in history, according to the National Exposure Report by the CDC. Around 80,000 chemicals are present in the U.S. environment, and the average newborn has over 100 chemicals present in the umbilical cord at birth, according to the Environmental Working Group’s report Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns. Therefore, when working to improve fertility, assisting the body in detoxification should be a priority.

Toxins can interfere with fertility in several ways. First, many chemicals can imitate estrogen. These are known as estrogen-mimickers and can be found in many products, including such things as makeup and candles.

Since these chemicals look like estrogen to the body, the body believes that it has all that estrogen—yet those chemicals do not have the benefits of estrogen produced in the body. This can lead to symptoms of estrogen dominance, such as mood swings, premenstrual syndrome, heavy periods and weight gain.

Secondly, the body is wise enough to know that it would not be healthy to bring a baby into a toxic environment. Therefore, the body puts reproduction on hold until the environment is more hospitable for growing a baby.

Supporting the body’s detoxification processes requires more than just a juice cleanse. It requires eating the right foods—those that contain the nutrients that will help the body neutralize and eliminate toxins.

Becca Thomas, founder of The Fertility Nurse, is a local nurse and nutritionist specializing in fertility. She is hosting a workshop on detoxing for fertility at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 20. The link to register is