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Ideal Brain Offers Technique to Balance Brain

Brainwave Optimization with Real Time Balancing, a leading-edge, non-invasive technology that helps the brain balance itself, is offered at Ideal Brain LLC, in Mequon. According to Dr. Ginny Dotson, Ph.D., and Dave Brethauer at Ideal Brain, the holistic process can address issues such as sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, stress and anger, and can improve focus and concentration. They emphasize that a balanced brain can significantly improve overall health and wellness.

Brainwave Optimization has provided relief to those suffering from concussions and traumatic brain injuries when other modalities have been ineffective. Ideal Brain LLC provides discounts for military veterans returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan that are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Location: 10532 N. Port Washington Rd., Ste. 1C, Mequon. For more information, call 262-518-0149, email [email protected] or visit